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This manual provides a complete guide for implementing and effectively using the Charges and Credits plugins in GLPI. These plugins are essential cost and budget management tools within an organization’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. From detailed expense tracking to efficient credit allocation, this manual offers step-by-step instructions, practical examples, and best practices to optimize financial control and resource allocation in the IT environment.

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Credit Vouchers

Credit vouchers allow you to per entity declare and follow the consumption of different time packs directly from the ticket form. Use it as a way to manage your Support Packs, for instance.

The Teclib plugin doesn’t allow visibility to requesters, who, in the end, are paying for the vouchers. We have built a solution to provide an easy-to-use interface showing current and old support packs and where the credits are spent.




To access this functionality you must press the following button on the main screen.

  1. Credits button.


This screen shows a visual summary of the amount of credits contracted and consumed for each client.

  1. Total credit consumption.
  2. Remaining credits.
  3. Contracted credits.
  4. Credit name and time duration.
  5. See consumed credits by ticket button.
  6. Consumed credits.
  7. Start credit date.
  8. End credit date.

Credits (II)

By displaying the credits consumed, you can also review how many credits have been consumed with each ticket and access them.

  1. Credits consumed per ticket.

Note: You can access the tickets and obtain more details about each task by clicking on them.


Developed initially as an internal tool, Charge has evolved into an indispensable component for economically managing ticket costs in GLPI. This plugin stands out as a financial counterpart to the Behaviors plugin, offering nuanced control over the economic aspects of ticket management.

It has six charge types:

  1. Contract
  2. Credit
  3. Project
  4. On-Demand
  5. One-Time Purchase
  6. Non-Chargeable

Each has different conduct regarding the action you must perform on each ticket.

Our initial integration focuses on displaying the Charge type directly on the ticket, equipping field technicians with pertinent information.



In the main view of a ticket, we can see the type of charge.

  1. Ticket info.
  2. Ticket charge type.

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