UXÍA. An AI Chatbot for GLPI


UXÍA. An AI powered Chatbot for GLPI

UXÍA is an innovative AI-powered chatbot by TICGAL.The chatbot integrates with GLPI (Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique), a free IT and asset management software, to enhance customer service and operational efficiency. UXÍA is currently used as a webchat, Telegram, WhatsApp, Teams, and on the same GLPI application.It supports over 45 languages and can be trained with online webpages, PDF, CSV and DOC.The GLPI integration allows the tracking of every identified interaction on GLPI. It seamlessly transitions it to a human when the chatbot cannot handle specific queries by generating a ticket and continuing the designed GLPI workflow.UXÍA is designed to respond to queries and add a layer of personality to interactions. The chatbot’s responses are carefully tailored to ensure relevance and accuracy, focusing on the company’s services and products.UXÍA, the AI Chatbot, is now available for customisation to meet your organisation’s specific needs. We’ve developed a solution that can be tailored to provide your business with an AI-powered chatbot, enhancing your operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Why UXÍA? What does this name mean?

A Tribute to Our Galician Heritage

Choosing a Galician name such as UXÍA is a conscious nod to our linguistic and cultural roots. It’s our way of celebrating and honouring our identity, mirroring our profound bond with our homeland. This choice perfectly aligns with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals, illustrating our commitment to business excellence and preserving and promoting our distinct cultural heritage.

How do you pronounce UXÍA?

Pronouncing UXÍA In English, it’s pronounced Oo-shee-ah or, for a more formal pronunciation, use /uʃi’.a/.

A Meaningful Moniker

UXÍA is a name deeply rooted in innovation and cultural values, derived from the Greek ευγενής (eugenēs), meaning noble or well-born. This four-letter name embodies two core principles:

  1. UX: Symbolizing our commitment to exceptional user experience, UXÍA is more than a chatbot—it’s a sophisticated tool designed to improve your interactions with our services, ensuring ease and efficiency for both users and us.
  2. IA: Representing our strategic use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Intelixencia Artificial (IA) in Galician and other Romance languages. Our use of an AI-powered chatbot has streamlined our operations significantly. It’s a solution that could greatly benefit your business as well.

Main Features


Not just a chatbot. An AI chatbot will enhance conversation more naturally.


Supporting five different channels: Web, Whatsapp, Telegram, Ms Teams and GLPI


Define its personality to match your needs best.

White Label

Your name, your branding, your bot image. It’s up to you.


Featuring OpenAI GPT3.5-Turbo, GPT-4 and a hybrid model


Train your bot using publicly accessible links, PDFs, DOCX, or TXT files.


UXÍA is Omnichannel



Ms Teams



Add your chatbot to any website. There are no screenshots here; UXÍA is in the bottom right corner for you to interact.

Explore Our Integration Features: Microsoft Teams and GLPI, Powered by UXÍA

Expanding Horizons: Whatsapp and GLPI Integration Through UXÍA Support

UXÍA Integrations

UXÍA: The Omnichannel AI Chatbot. Features available for each integration.

TICGAL offers a GLPI360 service


GLPI Mobile Solutions


GLPI integratios


GLPI plugins

AI Chatbot




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