GLPI ITSM ServiceDesk Asset Inventory ITIL compliant

What is GLPi?

GLPi is an open source solution distributed under GPL licence, that greatly helps to manage your IT resources. GLPi allows to register and administer IT inventories of all the hardware and software of a company, optimising the work of the technicians.
GLPi also includes Helpdesk to register and attention of applications of service of technical support, with the possibility of notification to requesters, observers and technicians. Core functionalities of GLPi are:


Inventory of all IT resources, from hardware ( PCs, servers, virtual machines, network equipment, printers, cartridges, consumables,), to all the software installed in these IT items, even software licence management and contracts.


Helpdesk. Management of all your maintenance tasks and procedures related, carried out on these computer resources, incidents, changes, problems, in addition to agreements related and financial information. All of it from an ITIL perspective.

Main GLPI features

Multi-entity management

Multiple companies, countries, areas, departments


More than 40 languages


Profile based permissions

IT Inventory

Computers, servers, peripherals, software, VM, and any other component associated

Financial information

Manage warranties, calculates TCO

Licence management

ITIL compliant


SPOC.  ITIL compliant.

Reports and statistics

PDF, PNG, SVG, SLK and CSV export

Contract and document management

GLPi Network Español


Teclib’ explains:
GLPI Network is a professional distribution based on GLPI Project and other open source technologies, such as: FusionInventory, Maria DB or Linux. It’s an open-source ITSM (IT and Asset Management System) that makes IT Administrators daily life much easier, thanks to a wide range of enhanced functions.
Featuring a web-based administration interface, GLPI allows you to build your own database including multi-user support, multi-location use, multilingual management, mail notifications and direct help desk requests for users – amongst many other functionalities.
With GLPI, you can create, maintain, manage and track the inventory of the data assets of your entire company (computers, software, smartphones and tablets, printers, consumables, etc.) from a centralized console.
Easy integration available to any type of worldwide companies and businesses, looking for a solution to standardize processes, cut costs and optimize staff productivity.

TICgal is a teclib’ partner

Services range from:

  • Consulting
  • Installations
  • Migrations
  • GLPi and GLPi Network support
  • GLPi SaaS
TICgal GLPI Silver Partner

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