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Corporate Identity

You can access and download our corporate identity by clicking on the logo image.

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TICGAL, a small yet influential technology firm in Pontevedra, Galiza, Spain, excels in open-source IT solutions. As a GLPI Gold Partner with global recognition, they provide extensive IT services, including local support and GLPI360, a complete GLPI solution portfolio. Boasting over a decade of experience, TICGAL is dedicated to innovation and quality. It serves various clients across four continents in both public and private sectors, showcasing its international expertise and presence in the industry.

About GLPI

GLPI, Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique, an originally French solution, is a widely used, open-source ITSM (IT Service Management) application. Renowned as the most installed ITSM tool, GLPI excels in managing IT resources (inventory) and as a Service Desk. It provides comprehensive hardware and software inventory management features, handling incidents, problems, and changes, along with project management. Due to its open-source nature, Its high customizability allows organizations to adapt it to their unique requirements. GLPI is mainly celebrated for its IT service management capabilities, flexibility, and robust integration options.

In simple terms, an ITSM tool is software used to manage the delivery of IT services. It helps in organizing, tracking, and resolving technical issues and requests, managing IT assets, and ensuring the efficient operation of an organization’s IT environment. It’s like a toolkit for IT professionals to keep everything running smoothly.