Gapp White Label

Gapp White Label

Experience the ease of a Mobile App branded for your company, unlocking a new level of GLPI usability.


Gapp White Label is an Xtended version built upon the standard Gapp Self-Service application, offering additional features and an enriched user experience for end-users, technicians, and managers. You’ll enjoy all the functionalities of the free self-service version, along with:

  • Your branding
    • Your app name
    • Your logo
    • Your corporate colours
    • Your preset GLPI URL
  • Published at the public or corporate App Stores. Deployed through your MDM. Your choice.

And in addition …

Gapp White Label logo

Xtended Features

Android or Android + iOS

Opt for a platform-specific solution with Android only, or broaden your reach with our Android + iOS 12+ versions.

Seamlessly deliver your apps through the official:

  • Play Store
  • App Store (unlisted app distribution)

Alternatively, you can effortlessly deploy it through your MDM/EMM.

Gapp White Label 2.5 with Formcreator support

Custom login options

treamline your sign-in process with our Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. Gapp White Label supports OAuth2 for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, as well as SAML for Google Workspace, giving you the flexibility to choose the authentication methods that work best for your organization.

Tailor your app’s login process by selecting from these three SSO options, in addition to native GLPI authentication, and ensure a seamless and secure user access experience.

Tech Task Planning Views

Keep your technicians on track with our interactive task views. Gapp White Label offers daily and weekly task overviews, providing a clear, user-friendly visual representation of scheduled tasks.

This feature enables efficient planning and time management, ensuring that every task is completed on time.

  • Push Notifications
  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Notifications
  • Geolocation
  • QR Reader
  • Xtended Tech Task View
  • User-friendly interface for end-users

... and there's even more ...

iOS Version Availability (iOS 12+)

Gapp White Label is accessible on iOS devices running iOS 12 and above, ensuring a smooth user experience across a broad range of Apple devices. This compatibility allows users to interact with Gapp White Label seamlessly, enjoying its features to the fullest.

In addition, your Gapp White Label flavour will be available through Unlisted App Distribution, enabling private and controlled access to the app.

Deep linking

It provides a seamless way to navigate directly to specific sections within the app from external sources. With a simple click on a link in an email notification, for instance, Gapp will open and take you straight to the relevant item or page, eliminating the extra steps of navigating the app. It’s all about saving time and enhancing user experience by providing a direct pathway to the content you need.

Zero Setup: Download and Login

With Gapp White Label, the application comes preconfigured with your GLPI server. Users need to download the app and log in. There’s no further setup required on the client side, making it a hassle-free experience for users.

Enhanced Security with App Token

Your Gapp White Label flavour employs an App Token feature, adding an extra layer of security to your interactions with the GLPI server. This mechanism ensures only authorized access to the app, safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of your data and operations.

Password Reset for GLPI Internal Authentication

With Gapp White Label, resetting a password for GLPI Internal Authentication is streamlined and secure, directly within the app. If users forget their password, they can quickly initiate a password reset request in the app.

Gapp White Label Manual

Gapp White Label logo

Main Manual Page


Assets - Barcode - QR Scanner

ActualTime: The time tracking plugin for GLPI

ActualTime - Waypoint - Vehicle

Charge Plugin

Credit vouchers - Charge


Form Creator

Asset Handover GLPI Plugin

Asset Handover - Gapp Sign

Is Gapp White Label not enough?

Request a Custom Gapp feature

Gapp White Label is tailored to meet organizational needs, offering enhanced security, additional features, and plugin integrations alongside branding options. However, we present Custom Gapp for organizations looking for more customized solutions.

Custom Gapp delves deeper to align with your unique requirements. It’s not just about meeting needs but anticipating them, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing systems and workflow. From specialized support to a personalized user experience, Custom Gapp is designed to exceed your expectations, offering a solution where every detail is tailored to your organizational needs

Integrated GLPI Plugins

Gapp White Label excels with its comprehensive plugin support, empowering users to amplify the app’s capabilities through its integration.

ActualTime: The time tracking plugin for GLPI


The time tracking plugin for GLPI

  • Start and stop tasks timer
  • Optional geolocated actions
  • Manager view for Running Timers
TAM Glpi plugin

TAM GLPI plugin

  • Clock-in and off work
  • Clock-off reason
  • Netfliks mode
  • Synced Clock-off with Do Not Disturb Mode and 3CX Status

Barcode (Barcode Plus)

  • QR reader for Barcode generated labels
  • Check asset information
  • View current tickets 
  • Ticket creation with linked asset

Credit vouchers

Give your clients visibility over their credit vouchers.

  • Voucher info:
    • Name
    • Code
    • Expiration
    • Status
    • Total and available credits
  • Tickets involved:
    • Ticket name and number
    • Clickable. Go to the ticket
    • Credits consumed
waypoint plugin for glpi

Waypoint plugin for GLPI

  • Tech task travel tracking
  • Enhanced geolocation information
  • Additional travelling statistics
vehicles for glpi

Vehicle plugin for GLPI

  • Record initial and final vehicle mileage for each journey
  • Track passengers, ensuring seating limits are adhered to
  • Quick QR code scanning for non-driving technicians to hop on or off the vehicle

Form Creator

  • Display a more user-friendly interface for self-service users
  • Enable viewing of Service Catalogue forms
  • Fill out forms directly from your phone
  • Basic end-user ticket status indicators
Charge Plugin

Charge plugin for GLPI

  • Show charge type