GLPI as an ESM

Explore GLPI as an Enterprise Service Management solution

Unveil the potential of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) with GLPI, a tool designed not just for IT but for a holistic service management approach across your enterprise. GLPI’s ESM capabilities ensure a streamlined, efficient, and responsive service management environment, fostering enhanced collaboration and operational excellence.Main Features:

  1. Service Request and Incident Management: Efficiently manage service requests and incidents, ensuring swift resolution and satisfied end-users.
  2. Centralised Service Catalog: Offer a centralised service catalogue that streamlines service requests, enabling a structured and efficient service delivery.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics: Leverage insightful reporting and analytics to continually improve service management processes and make data-driven decisions.

Dive into a unified service management realm with GLPI, where every service request is a pathway to enhanced user satisfaction and operational efficiency. Click below to begin your journey towards a seamless ESM experience with GLPI.

ESM Enterprise Service Management and GLPI

Real World Scenarios of GLPI as ESM

  • Purchase Flow Management:
    • Create, track, and manage purchase requests and approvals within GLPI, ensuring a smooth and accountable procurement process.
  • New Personnel Onboarding:
    • Manage the onboarding process by tracking tasks, documents, and steps required for new personnel integration, all within GLPI’s unified platform.
  • Invoice Management:
    • Centralize, validate, and process invoices efficiently, keeping a clear record and facilitating timely payments.
  • Claims Management (PQRS):
    • Efficiently handle and track claims, feedback, and suggestions, ensuring responsive communication and resolution.

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