GLPI: Your All-In-One IT Management Solution

Discover GLPI, the world’s most installed open-source IT Service Management (ITSM) tool, meticulously crafted to align with ITIL  standards, propelling your IT operations to new heights of efficiency and control.With a rich array of features spanning IT Asset Management (ITAM), Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Project Management, Financial Management, and beyond, GLPI emerges as your holistic solution for orchestrating a seamless IT infrastructure.Journey into a domain of organized, data-driven IT management that empowers your business to flourish amidst a technologically evolving landscape.

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GLPI: ITSM + ITAM with automatic inventory

Asset Management

  • Obtain a comprehensive asset inventory providing a detailed view of all your IT assets, including computers, screens, printers, network equipment, devices, and phones.
  • Delve into a detailed view of assets, exploring their connections, network ports, and complete historical data for each asset modification.
  • Automate your asset inventory process with the GLPI Agent, ensuring up-to-date information and effortless asset tracking.

Automatic inventory with GLPI Agent

  • Local Inventory: Keep an accurate record of all local assets and related items.
  • Network Discovery and Inventory: Automatically discover and inventory all network-connected devices.
  • VMware Inventory: Seamlessly inventory your VMware infrastructure, ensuring accurate data on your virtual environments.
  • Software Deployment: Deploy software packages across your organization effortlessly.
  • Information Collect: Gather configuration information from your IT environment, improving decision-making and operational efficiency.

Service Desk

  • Full-Fledged Service Desk:
    • Streamline your service management processes with GLPI’s comprehensive service desk.
    • Manage incidents, requests, and changes efficiently, ensuring a prompt and professional response to user needs.
    • Utilize categorization, escalation, service level agreements, impact and urgency assessment, priority calculation, and status standardization to deliver exceptional service quality.
    • Implement automatic workflows based on business rules, enhancing the speed and accuracy of service delivery.
    • Capture, store, and share valuable knowledge through GLPI’s integrated knowledge base, enabling faster resolution of common issues and promoting continuous learning within your team.
    • Align with ITIL standards, ensuring a structured and standardized approach to service management that aligns with industry best practices.

Other features

GLPI Dashboard

Native Dashboards

The GLPI Dashboards feature is a significant addition, providing a centralized visualization of critical data and metrics tailored to fit reporting needs within an organization.

  1. Customization and Sharing:
    • A new default tab on the main page displays customizable dashboards, which can be edited, added to, deleted, or cloned to fit your reporting needs precisely. These dashboards can be shared with users or integrated with other applications, enabling collaborative viewing and analysis.
    • You can also create beautiful reports using built-in dashboards for Helpdesk and Asset Management, which allow for easy addition, editing, copying, or deletion of any elements. Sharing these dashboards is simplified with a one-click sharing feature using a unique link.
  2. Specific Dashboards:
    • In addition to the central dashboard page, “mini” dashboards for tickets can also be activated, providing a streamlined view of ticket-related data.

Impact Analysis

The Impact Analysis feature in GLPI is designed to aid in visualizing and understanding the relationships and dependencies among assets within an organization, and the potential impact of incidents or changes on these assets. Here are some insights into the feature:

  1. Relation and Impact Visualization:
    • The Impact Analysis feature in GLPI allows for the visualization of relations between assets, as well as the potential impact of a breakdown on critical elements within the organization. This is facilitated through a new “Impact” tab available for most objects within the asset fleet. From here, you can create relations between your assets and visualize the impact of breakdowns towards critical elements.
  2. Integration with Tickets:
    • This feature is accessible from a ticket for the associated elements, allowing for a streamlined workflow when addressing incidents or changes that may have a broader impact on the organization’s IT infrastructure.
GLPI Impact Analysis


The GLPI Project’s feature is designed to enhance collaborative efforts in a structured and organized manner. A couple of main points:

  1. Project Management Capabilities:
    • Within GLPI, you can manage projects by creating workflows, assigning tasks to collaborators, and utilizing visualization tools such as GANTT or Kanban for better project oversight.
  2. Integration with Other GLPI Features:
    • The Project Management feature is built to work harmoniously with other GLPI functionalities, ensuring a cohesive management solution. This includes linking tickets to projects, which is vital for tracking project-related issues and requests.

The GLPI Project Management feature seems to provide a comprehensive solution for managing projects within the GLPI environment, aligning closely with other functionalities like ticketing and problem management to ensure a seamless operation workflow.

GLPI detailed features

ITIL Aligned Open Source ITSM Solution

GLPI is an open-source Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tool that is professionally backed and aligns well with the ITIL framework. This alignment facilitates a structured approach to IT service management, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery. GLPI encompasses various ITIL processes, including:

  • Incident Management
    • Assists your organisation in logging, tracking, and resolving incidents to restore regular service operations swiftly.
  • Service Request Management
    • Facilitates the handling and fulfilment of service requests from users efficiently.
  • Change Management
    • Supports the systematic handling of changes to minimise risks and reduce disruptions.
  • Problem Management
    • Assists in identifying and resolving problems and preventing recurring incidents.
  • Service Asset Management
    • Helps in managing and optimising IT assets and configurations.
  • Knowledge Management
    • Enables the creation, sharing, and utilisation of knowledge to improve service delivery.
  • Supplier Management
    • Aids in managing supplier relationships and ensuring value for money.
  • Service Catalogue Management
    • Facilitates the provision and maintenance of a service catalogue to ensure users are informed about available services.
  • Service Level Management
    • Supports the definition, monitoring, and management of service levels to meet agreed-upon performance standards, both SLA & OLA.
  • Financial Management for IT Services
    • Optimise IT spending and investments with precise financial tracking.
  • Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM)
    • Keep an accurate tab on your IT assets and configurations.
    • Experience dynamic inventory management from version 10 onwards.

And more…

  • Automated Asset Inventory with GLPI Agent
    • Experience a seamless automatic inventory process with GLPI Desktop/Server Agent, efficiently replacing the FusionInventory agent while remaining fully compatible with the automated inventory functionalities.
    • Utilise the GLPI Agent to perform various tasks such as package deployment, information collection, network device discovery, and ESX remote inventory, all working harmoniously with the GLPI ITSM software tool.
    • Effortlessly manage hardware and software assets across your IT infrastructure, with the ability to natively list all assets used within your organisation and automate information pushing from the assets thanks to the native inventory functionalities of GLPI Agent and third-party tools.
  • Asset Reservation
    • Reserve IT assets for specific purposes or periods based on demand.
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
    • Enhance control over your data centre assets and infrastructure.
  • Software and License Management
    • Ensure software license compliance and cost control with streamlined management.
  • Project Management
    • Organise and precisely track your projects, leveraging GLPI’s structured project management module.
    • Define project goals, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress seamlessly within a unified interface.
    • Foster collaboration among teams with the Kanban view, facilitating a visual and interactive project management experience that keeps everyone aligned and informed on project statuses.
  • Advanced analytics through 3rd party solutions
    • Leverage Metabase integration to access insightful dashboards, providing a visual representation of tickets, impacts, urgency, and more to manage your support operations efficiently.
    • Experience interactive filters, CSV exports, and integration to any BI solution with MySQL support.

GLPI Deployment Options

GLPI offers unmatched flexibility in deployment options to suit every organizational need. You can choose to host GLPI:

  1. On-Premises: For complete control and customization, install GLPI within your own IT infrastructure.
  2. On Your Cloud: Leverage your existing cloud infrastructure by hosting GLPI on platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or any other.
  3. On Our Cloud: Opt for TICGAL’s cloud service for a hassle-free, managed GLPI hosting experience.
  4. As SaaS with GLPI Network Cloud: Ideal for those seeking a turnkey solution, GLPI Network Cloud offers the software as a service, ensuring ease of use, scalability, and maintenance by expert providers.

Each option is designed to provide optimal performance, security, and flexibility, ensuring that GLPI aligns perfectly with your specific IT strategy.

A World of GLPI Services

Embark toward organised, efficient, and proactive IT management with GLPI. With a spectrum of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, GLPI stands as a beacon of reliability in the vast sea of IT management solutions. Explore the GLPI advantage today and elevate your IT operations to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

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