Custom Gapp

Custom Gapp

Expanding Horizons: Tailoring GLPI and Gapp to Your Unique Needs

Gapp Custom Developments


With Custom Gapp, we embody the principle of tailored solutions. At TICGAL, we understand that the robust functionalities of GLPI and Gapp may sometimes need a personal touch to meet your organization’s demands fully. Our dedicated team, a coalition of front-end and back-end specialists and web and mobile developers, work harmoniously to extend, integrate, and build upon the existing capabilities of GLPI and Gapp. We thrive on challenges, and our cross-functional team collaborates to turn your unique requirements into a functional reality.

Explore the tangible impacts of tailored GLPI and Gapp functionalities in real-world scenarios.

A custom interface for field technicians

In this first successful project, we embarked on an ambitious journey to craft a comprehensive interface exclusively for field technicians. This venture was driven by custom requirements that enhanced the on-field operational efficiency. Our team meticulously engineered solutions to address every aspect of the technician’s workflow – travel coordination, diligent logging of field notes, facilitating seamless communication through technician comments, or capturing client satisfaction per task. Moreover, we incorporated a robust parts tracking system and devised a digital intervention sheet signature mechanism to ensure accountability and formal acknowledgement of services rendered. Through collaborative effort and technical acumen, we successfully delivered a tailored Gapp that met and exceeded the client’s expectations, reflecting our capability to transform unique challenges into innovative solutions.

Paperless Work Hours Tracking

In another project, we aimed to transition an organisation from its traditional, paper-based task hour tracking to a more streamlined digital solution. This organisation had a specific requirement: to maintain their conventional way of logging work hours per task without the manual hassle. ActualTime was not suited to their needs; hence, a custom solution was envisioned. We developed a per-task dialogue system to log work, free and non-business hours, ensuring a seamless transition from paper to digital. Integrated with the Time & Attendance Management (TAM) system, we added a layer of precision and accountability to the process. Now, technicians can only log time against tasks post-clocking-in and allocate their estimated daily work hours to specific tasks before clocking off. This integration reduced the margin for human errors, ensuring every hour is accurately logged and utilised while aligning with the organisation’s established operational protocols.