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GLPI360 with your GLPI Gold Partner

TICGAL is now a GLPI Gold Partner. We offer a full-fledged GLPI Product and Services Portfolio

  • Implementation and Setup: Assisting with the initial installation, configuration, and setup of the GLPI system tailored to the business’s needs.
  • Updates and Maintenance: Updating from old GLPI versions and keeping the GLPI system up-to-date with the latest versions and patches.
  • Support: Providing ongoing technical support.
  • Migration: Helping businesses transition from another IT management tool to GLPI.
  • Development: Building custom modules, features, or extensions tailored to the specific needs of the organisation.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrating GLPI with other business systems and tools.
  • Training: Courses for IT teams and other users.
  • Consulting: Advice on best practices and strategies.
  • Hosting: Offering dedicated, secure, and scalable hosting solutions.

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GLPI Network is a premium subscription service based on the GLPI project, enhancing the standard GLPI ITSM software with advanced features and support. It includes:

  1. Advanced Support (Tier 3): Includes an unlimited software guarantee the editor Teclib provides. This level of support ensures comprehensive coverage and resolution for any bug related to the software or the supported plugins.
  2. Exclusive Plugins: Access to unique GLPI Network plugins that offer functionalities like configuring GLPI Agent for Android, handling notifications through collaborative tools, data anonymization, automatic import of holidays as calendar closed periods, and more.
  3. Remote Technical Assistance: Limited remote support from Teclib, which can be used for Support L.1 and L.2, addressing configuration, installation, and common queries
  4. Access to Partners: Offers support in local languages through a network of local partners, ensuring better understanding and assistance.
  5. Financial Contribution to GLPI: Subscribing to the GLPI Network also means contributing to the GLPI project’s development, ensuring its continuous improvement and sustainability​​​​​​​.

GLPI Network thus represents a comprehensive, professional-grade ITSM solution, offering enhanced support and development for organizations seeking advanced IT management capabilities.


Cloud vs. On-Premises Comparison

GLPI Network Cloud

GLPI Network Cloud is a pre-configured, ready-to-use solution that offers several advantages:

  • Setup and Maintenance: No initial setup is required. The service provider manages server maintenance, updates, and backups.
  • Data Migration: Free data migration is included.
  • Exclusive Plugins: Access to exclusive plugins available in the GLPI Network Subscription package.
  • Unlimited Assets: No limitations on the number of IT assets.
  • Pricing: Starts at €19 per month for 1 IT agent, including unlimited IT assets and end users, support L.3, community and GLPI Network plugins, updates, backups, and server maintenance​​​.

GLPI Network On-Premises

On-premises deployment of GLPI Network offers different packages with varying features based on IT Agents and Assets:

  1. Basic Package (€100/month):
    • Up to 10 IT agents and 500 IT assets.
    • Includes 2 hours of remote technical assistance, community and GLPI Network plugins support.
  2. Standard Package (€300/month):
    • Up to 50 IT agents and 5,000 IT assets.
    • Includes 8 hours of remote technical assistance.
  3. Advanced Package (€1000/month):
    • More than 51 IT agents and 5,001 IT assets.
    • Includes 20 hours of remote technical assistance.

All On-Premises packages include unlimited end users and unlimited support L.3 (bugfixes)

Wrapping up

GLPI Network offers versatile deployment options to suit different organizational needs. The Cloud version provides a hassle-free, maintenance-included solution, ideal for businesses looking for ease of use and minimal setup. The On-Premises version, on the other hand, is more suitable for organisations requiring specific customizations and control over their IT infrastructure, with the flexibility of choosing a package based on their size and needs.

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