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Gapp, a comprehensive mobility solution curated by TICGAL, seamlessly integrates with GLPI to mobilise your organizational operations. Under the Gapp umbrella, a variety of mobile-centric services and products are offered to meet diverse operational needs. The suite begins with Gapp Self-Service, a free Android application streamlining access to essential services.

For a more personalized experience, Gapp White Label and Gapp White Label Demo provide a customizable app framework, showcasing the Xtended features tailored for every organization. At the backend, Gapp Essentials and Gapp Xtended plugins for GLPI ensure smooth interoperability with Gapp Self-Service and Gapp White Label respectively.

Lastly, Gapp Custom program stands ready to tailor features meticulously to align with your company's unique requirements. As you delve deeper, each of these solutions unfolds its distinctive capabilities, all engineered towards enhancing mobile accessibility and operational efficiency.

Why Gapp?

Gapp, our innovative mobile application, is thoughtfully named to reflect its essence and functionality.

  1. Gapp stands for GLPI Application, highlighting its primary purpose as an application designed for seamless integration with GLPI (Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique) – an open-source IT Service Management software. The name cleverly avoids directly using the GLPI brand, respecting the rights held by Teclib’, the official editor of GLPI since 2015, and eliminating any potential conflicts with them​​​​​. Please don’t get us wrong—no worries about this. We are Gold Partners and have a very nice relationship with them.
  2. The name Gapp symbolizes the bridge or gap it fills between GLPI and smartphone usage. This metaphor underscores our solution’s role in making GLPI’s extensive IT asset management and help desk capabilities conveniently accessible on mobile devices, enhancing user flexibility and efficiency.
  3. We chose the name Gapp because it simply sounds cool and catchy – a memorable and straightforward name that resonates with our innovative approach and modern technology solutions.

How is it pronounced Gapp?

Importantly, Gapp is pronounced as G-App, and not Gap. This pronunciation underscores the connection to GLPI and its application nature while distinguishing it from the word gap. So, please:

✔️ Gee-App |  [ˈdʒiː æp]

❌ Gap  | [gæp]

By choosing the name Gapp, we’ve encapsulated the essence of our product: a smart, efficient, and user-friendly mobile extension of GLPI, designed to bridge the gap in IT service management and enhance your digital experience.


Harness the power of GLPI, a premier and the most installed open-source solution licensed under GPL, to streamline and optimize your IT operations. GLPI is not just an IT inventory tool; it's a comprehensive suite designed to manage every hardware and software asset across your organization, ensuring that technicians can operate at peak efficiency. But that's not all. GLPI also boasts an integrated Helpdesk module, dedicated to managing service requests and offering technical support. With its intuitive notification system, requesters, observers, and technicians are always in the loop.

Key Features of GLPI Include:

  • ITAM: Dive deep into inventory and holistic management of all your IT assets.
  • ITSM: Experience a Service Desk equipped to handle Requests, Incidents, Problems, and Changes, meticulously aligned with ITIL best practices.

However, it's worth noting that GLPI doesn't currently have a mobile app. That's where we come in. Our company offers a seamless mobile solution, bridging the gap between GLPI's powerful capabilities and your mobile devices.

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Our GLPI mobility solutions

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Gapp Self-Service. A GLPI Free App

Gapp Self-Service offers an intuitive mobile interface for GLPI, facilitating streamlined IT service management right at your fingertips. With more than 10,000 downloads, it's the most widely used app for GLPI enthusiasts. Gapp Self-Service is available for free on the Play Store, simplifying task management and significantly enhancing user experience, ensuring smoother and more efficient IT interactions wherever you go.

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Gapp White Label: A GLPI app for your organisation

Gapp White Label offers a tailored mobile solution, aligning with your brand to provide a polished user experience. With enhanced features to boost productivity, it seamlessly extends your organizational identity into the mobile realm, enriching user interactions with your GLPI instance. It's not just an app, but a refined extension of your brand, ensuring a coherent and professional user engagement across platforms.

Gapp Custom Developments

Custom Gapp: GLPI tailored solutions

Custom Gapp is your pathway to tailored solutions for GLPI. Whether it's bespoke features, specialised web or mobile interfaces, we've got you covered. Our team collaborates with you to craft both front and back-end functionalities that seamlessly blend with your existing systems, enriching user experience. With Gapp Custom, you not only meet but exceed your operational needs, as it's more than just a service—it's your partner in achieving a streamlined GLPI environment.

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