Actualtime is our attempt to provide a time tracking tool to GLPI, our beloved ITSM tool. This third release of Actualtime has a lot of improvements that needed to be explained. So, without further ado let’s start.

New features

Enable timer on tasks

Default: Standard interface only

Allows showing Actualtime timing info to Standard interface users (techs) or to every other user.

You choose if you want to show your end users or clients, real-time used in tasks, or if you’d rather use it as an internal tech evaluating tool.

Display pop-up windows with a current running timer

Default: Yes

Shows a nagging popup through every new GLPI screen with you running timer. No tech will forget the timers on.

Actualtime pop up

Display actual time in closed task box (‘Processing ticket’ list)

Default: Yes

This is quite nice. You can check total actual times in the task, without currently having to open the task. You can see running and stopped timers in different colours, and only logged tech one will update every second.

Actualtime Multiple users, multiple timers

Automatically open newly created tasks

Default: No

If you don’t schedule tasks, you’ll find useful that task creation will pop up as you save it, allowing you to start the timer on creation.

->  Why Actualtime doesn't show timer buttons on tasks?

Task autoopen

Automatically open task with the timer running

Default: No

This is a self-explained productivity booster. Doesn’t only open the ticket timeline but the task with a running timer for the tech to edit.

New warning pop up

The previous behaviour has been fixed and enhanced, now a started timer generates a nagging pop up on every GLPI screen, providing both a don’t forget your timer is on” method and a shortcut to active task to edit or simply check it as done, by stopping the timer.


Finally, we have added a couple of reports. Reports plugin is a prerequisite for them to run. And remember to enable them on their appropriate profiles!

Actualtime total

It will gather all tasks times per ticket. Can be filtered between closing dates and by requester.Actual time reports - Total

Actualtime users

This second report shows the same info as the previous one, but filtered by closing date, and grouped by technician or requester.

Actualtime users

Supported languages

Your contributions made a difference and now we support 5 languages.

  • English
  • Galician
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Brazilian Portuguese


We’d like to thank all the contributors, specially Multiconecta, for his huge contribution to 1.2.0 enhancements. They have pushed Actualtime from a modest time tracking tool like Toggl, to a really tech-friendly and more flexible task timer.

Final words

We hope you find this plugin useful. If you find any bug, please report it in github.

Would you like to sponsor a new feature for this plugin or another? Please contact us.