ActualTime: The time tracking plugin for GLPI

Track the actual time spent on every single one of your ticket tasks!

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ActualTime keeps track of the time spent on your ticket tasks, using a simple clock.

Simply click the start button

Real time chrono

Aditional statistics


The time tracker plugin for GLPI tasks

You have scheduled tasks ahead to be executed by your techs. You’ve made a time estimation for each task, but:


is it accurate?

With ActualTime you will:

  1. Know the exact time a task is started
  2. Its actual duration
  3. Get statistics on each ticket, that will help you take the corrective actions needed.

Very simple to use by techs, provides managers with powerful insights on tech performance.


  • Auto-update task duration
  • Auto-start timer on task creation
  • Timer reminder on every GLPI page to avoid forgotten task timers
  • Pause or stop timer from reminder modal
  • Access full ticket from modal link

Test it!

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Actualtime Howto

The time tracker plugin for GLPI tasks

What it does

Adds actual time tracking for GLPI tasks.


Install like any other GLPI plugin.
No additional setup is needed

How to use

When a tech has a To Do task in a ticket, he/she must click on the start button to begin time tracking.
Simply click on the stop button to end it.
Check ticket stats on the GLPI ticket statistics tab.


  • The time tracking button is only shown to the task assigned tech.
  • Tech can start/stop task multiple times.
  • Only one task can be running at the same time.
  • If a chrono is on and the task is left, a warning will be shown.
  • If a task is checked as done time tracking will stop accordingly.
  • If stop button is clicked, task will automatically be checked as done.

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