Hi! I’m Brais, and I’m here to introduce you to the exciting new features of Gapp 2.4.

Gapp 2.4 has arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the latest improvements and features with you! This update focuses on enhancing both our Self-Service and White Label offerings, providing a superior experience for all Gapp users. Here’s a look at what’s new in Gapp 2.4.

End of Support for GLPI 9.5 on Gapp 2.4

Although it was not officially supported, Gapp could still function in certain situations with GLPI 9.5. However, following Teclib’s announcement in February regarding the end of life for GLPI 9.5, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to GLPI 10 before the end of June, as Gapp 2.4 is discontinuing support for GLPI 9.5.

Self-Service Features: Your Go-To Gapp Solution

Streamlined Assigning and Removing Ticket Actors

Managing tasks and tickets is now even easier with new assigning and removing options. Assign technicians or groups to tickets and tasks with just a few taps.


->  TICgal joins three tecnological associations

You can also change task states directly from the processing view.


Improved Ticket Creation

Creating a new ticket is more efficient by adding an Urgency dropdown, Observers selection, and the ability to assign a technician right from the ticket creation screen.



Tech Pictures on Task Screens

We’ve replaced generic icons with technician pictures in the preview tab when you create or edit a task, adding a personal touch to your task management.


White Label Features: Gapp Xtended with Extra Features and Plugin Integrations

Enhanced TAM (Time and Attendance Management) Features

The TAM plugin screen now includes a timeline, allowing you to view time slots worked in a day at a glance.

We’ve also added Haptic Feedback on the clock-in and off to get additional confirmation when we leave the office.

Upgraded Credit Information Screen

I was told that the Credit Plugin information in Gapp 1 was more comprehensive than in version 2. That’s a thing of the past now, as Gapp 2.4 provides all the necessary information right on your device, surpassing even the web version.

Visible Charges Label on Ticket List and Ticket Info Views

Charges label is now conveniently displayed in both the ticket list and ticket info views, making it easier to identify which billing model applies to a particular ticket.




Reworked QR Flow

We’ve updated the QR flow for more effective tech work on the field. Launching an ActualTime timer and showing other existing tickets.



User Mentions

Enhance communication and collaboration by mentioning technicians on follow-ups, and tasks, streamlining your team’s interactions. One of my personal favourite features in GLPI 10 is now on Gapp too.

Password Recovery

Forgot your password? No problem! With Gapp 2.4, you can easily reset it through the app settings.


Major Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed compatibility issues with Android 13, ensuring a smooth experience for users on the latest Google operating system.

New Community Supported Languages

The Gapp translation community is outstanding. Really, guys, great job! 

Thanks to people like you, Gapp 2.4 also expands language support to 21 languages, and these are the latest additions:

    • Malay (Malaysia) 🇲🇾
    • Slovak (Slovakia) 🇸🇰
    • Kazakh (Kazakhstan) 🇰🇿
    • Vietnamese (Vietnam) 🇻🇳

Wrapping up

This was quite an experience for me. Please, let me know in the comments how I did it. It will encourage me to keep improving.

Oh, and one more thing! My manager asked me to share a link for those of you curious about our White Label features. I might have a chance to get a job if some of you buy one, so, go ahead and check it out:

I want a Gapp White Label for my Organisation

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Brais Pastoriza is a student undergoing workplace training in the Higher Level Multimedia Application Development program.