Gapp. A GLPI App

A new mobile client for GLPI

What is Gapp?

Gapp is a mobile GLPI app. Gapp is a project born from the need to provide an easy mobile access to GLPI, specially for end users, a.k.a. self-service.

What is GLPI?

About Gapp

Gapp features

  • Ticket creation
  • File upload
    • On:
      • Ticket creation
      • Followup
      • As a GLPI document
    • From:
      • The camera
      • The gallery
  • Add Followups
  • Solution approval
  • Ticket Satisfaction

Gapp Requirements

  • An Android 6+ smartphone. (Currently it is not optimized to be used in other devices, but we have tested on tablets and Android Tv devices and it works).
  • A GLPI 9.2+ installation. In general, the newer, the better.

Gapp Supported Languages

Gapp is translated into:

  • English
  • Galician
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Brasilian)
  • French

You can help adding new languages or fixing typos and other translation erros at the Gapp Poeditor project.

Do you want Gapp in your language?

Click here!

How to setup Gapp

Gapp is very easy to configure. You need to enable your GLPI API and then add your server config to the app.

Configuring GLPI

First thing you need is to enable API support on your GLPI. We have written a specific how-to regarding this issue. Please click on it and follow the instructions: How to setup GLPI API.

Configuring Gapp

Once GLPI is configured you need to download Gapp from Google Play.

Login screen

  1. Click on the wrench button to enter setup screen. Click here.
  2. After setting it up add your user, as on your GLPI install.
  3. Add your password
  4. Check Remember if you don’t want to be asked again for your login credentials
  5. Click on Login button

And you are in!

Setup screen

  1. Connection protocol: Choose your server’s protocol. http or https (recommended)
  2. Server Address: Add your server URL or IP. If your GLPI is not on the root webfolder, please add it here. For instance:
    • GLPI Server: - Server URL:
    • GLPI Server: https://myglpiserver.mydomain/helpdesk - Server URL: myglpiserver.mydomain/helpdesk

You can also find your Gapp version on the bottom of the screen.

Go back to previous screen by clicking on the top left arrow.

Gapp screens

Learn what Gapp can offer you. Screenshots and explanations of each available option.

Main Ticket View

This is the main window in Gapp

    1. On the top left it is the burger menu icon.
    2. On the top right is the filter menu.
    3. Now, on each card we have on top the ticket title.
    4. Ticket entity. This is only shown when tickets are on entities below the active one. A typical self-service user will never view this information.
    5. Some ticket description text to help us identifying the issue. Very often titles are not descriptive enough. 
    6. On the left there’s a coloured bar showing the ticket priority .Note that this colours will match the ones configured on your GLPI.
    7. On the bottom of every card we have 4 infos. First one is an icon for ticket type:
      • ? for Request
      • ! for Incident.
    8. Then we have another icon showing ticket status. Just like GLPI:
      • New
      • Processing (Assigned)
      • Processing (Planned)
      • Waiting
      • Solved
      • Closed
    9. Next to them appears the ticket number
    10. On the right we are showing last update
    11. Finally there is a New ticket button.

All tickets are sorted using last update from newer to older.

Main Menu

    1. Logged Username.
    2. Current Profile. This dropdown will be hidden for a one authorization user.
    3. Current Entity. This will not be seen enabled for a one authorization user.
    4. Recursivity slider. Enables or disables entities recursiveness.
    5. My tickets. Default view. Shows tickets where logged user is the requester.
    6. Assigned tickets. Shows tickets where logged user is the assigned tech. This is only shown if the user uses a standard ticket profile.
    7. All tickets. All tickets where the user is an actor. Useful to access tickets where the user is an observer, or a group where he/she belongs is a ticket actor.
    8. Pending approval. Filters tickets in Solved status. It has a red counter on the right, displaying the number of tickets. Think of it as a shortcut to approve or reject a solution.
    9. Logout buttom.
    10. Another place to check Gapp version. 

Filters Menu

    1. Reset filters
    2. Apply filters
    3. Ticket status filter.
      • Default filter is:
        • New
        • Processing (both)
        • Pending
      • Tip: Long pressing one status will disable all but the pressed one.
      • Don’t forget to apply the filter once selected.
    4. Date filter by last update

New Ticket

Choose if the new ticket will be an Incident or a Request:

    1. New Request
    2. New Incident
    3. Cancel ticket creation

New Ticket Form

Choose if the new ticket will be an Incident or a Request:

    1. Shows if you have chosen a Request or an Incident. In case you have made a wrong choice, press the arrow on the top left corner and start again.
    2. Add a photo taken from the camera as a document on ticket creation.
    3. Add another file as a document on ticket creation.
    4. Ticket Title.
    5. Ticket Description.
    6. Save ticket.

Ticket view

This is how you will see ticket on Gapp:

    1. On the top bar, we have on the left Ticket Number and Entity.
    2. On the right an icon representing Ticket Status.
    3. Ticket title.
    4. Ticket description.
    5. Ticket actors, users or groups:
      • Requesters
      • Assigned (Techs)
      • Observers
    6. Ticket views selector. Right now there are 3 views:
      • Ticket - This view.
      • Assets - Linked assets
      • Processing - Conversation view.

Ticket view 2 - Assets

Assets linked to the ticket will be shown here:

    1. Item name
    2. Item type 

Ticket view 3 - Processing

Like in a full-fledged GLPI you can find 4 types of elements:

  • Followups
  • Tasks
  • Documents
  • Solutions

In this screenshot:

    1. Tasks. Top row shows:
      • On the left:
        • Task creator 
        • Task date
      • On the right:
        • Task status: Info, To do, Done.
        • Private lock (if logged as a tech)
    2. Task. Middle row: Shows Task Assigned Tech.
    3. Task. Bottom row:
      • Task description
      • Task duration
    4. Followups:
      • Followup creator
      • Followup date
      • Follow up description
      • Private lock (if logged as a tech)
    5. Documents:
      • Both file documents and web links documents are shown if you have the rights to do it.
    6. Add a Followup or a document.

Add a Followup

Like in a full-fledged GLPI you can find 4 types of elements:

  1. If you want to add a photo or other document use the icons on the top right corner.
  2. Private lock (if logged as a tech)
  3. Followup description
  4. Documents are shown bellow as they are been added.
  5. Send the followup

Ticket Solution Approval

  1. Solution tech and date
  2. Approve or reject buttons. If you reject a solution you must add a motive. (optional on approval).
  3. Solution description

Ticket Satisfaction

After ticket approval a satisfaction survey will popup if it is triggered by GLPI. It is compulsory to set the satisfaction survey like this:

  1. Configuring the satisfaction survey: Internal Survey
  2. Create survey after: As soon as possible

Otherwise it will not be shown.

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Issue: Logging into your GLPI installation from Gapp (A GLPI app) is not possible due to this error message: missing parameter app_token; view documentation in your browser at http://yourglpi/apirest.php/#ERROR_APP_TOKEN_PARAMETERS_MISSING Explanation: As for GLPI API... Trust anchor for certification path not found

Issue: Logging into your GLPI installation from Gapp (A GLPI app) is not possible due to this error message: Trust anchor for certification path not found Explanation: As for Android Java reference...

“Upload incomplete. Failed files” error when uploading a file to Gapp

The problem You get his "Upload incomplete. Failed files:" followed by the affected files error, when trying to add a file to a ticket or followup on GLPI using Gapp. Why is this error popping up following no apparent pattern? It will show whenever you try to upload a...

How to setup GLPI API

Since GLPI version 9.1 a REST API is available to extend functionalities and enable integrations with third-party solutions. You will learn how to set it up in these tutorial. Currently, you can use GLPI REST API with two of our developments: GLPI Reminders: First...

General questions

Are you related with GLPI or Teclib'?

We are Teclib’ partners since 2016 and modest contributors to the GLPI project.

All rights related to GLPI belong to Teclib’ as their editor.

Why do you call it Gapp Self-Service?

Every GLPI user wants a mobile app for GLPI. There were a few efforts in the past, but there are not working now.

Our initial idea was to give end-users (aka Self-service) an easy way to open a ticket everywhere. We truly think, we have developed a tool that delivers.

By adding the Self-Service flavor, we are exposing what you can expect from the app in its current state of development. 

Why is the app asking for camera and storage permissions?

The applications needs 1 permission to work, and a couple of them more to enhance user experience:

  • Internet access. This is quite obvious. Without it, it would not be possible accessing GLPI.
  • Camera. If you want to take a photo and upload it to a ticket, you must enable it. 
  • Storage. If you want to upload images or documents from your phone ot a a ticket, you have to enable it.
Are you going to add new features?
Is it going to be always free?

Gapp Self-Service will always be free.

This is great, but I don't want my users to enter a server

We get it. In fact, we have developed our own Gapp configured out of the box with our own logos and a few interesting settings:

  • Set request origin on ticket and followups
  • Set Ticket Categories
  • Set Locations
  • And more to come

You might think we are delivering a crippled free version. The explanation is quite different. Self-service users doesn’t have access to this kind of information via API. We are using another method to access it and show it in Gapp. This method involves some configuration on your GLPI and a customization in the app that makes it usable only for a particular GLPI install.

If you’re interested, please drop us a line.

Are you building an IOS Gapp version?

It is on the roadmap. It doesn’t have a release date, though.

IOS development is more expensive than Android and will only start if its funded. Are you or your company interested, please drop us a line.

When logged out, the user and password are not remembered even when checked!

Gapp tries to replicate GLPI behaviour when possible.

GLPI uses the Remember checkbox to allow easier logging to the platform. Gapp does the same.

If you logout because you are testing the app, you don’t want to reuse the credentials. That’s why they are removed.

Known issues

I want to view images on my tickets but I can't!

This is a known API limitation. Self-service users cannot access the document list, nor other dropdowns like categories, locations, request origins, assets.

On a common application, It is not possible right now to let the user interact with these items.

However, it is possible to create a custom application for your organisation, where all this information is available:

  • Custom corporate identity
    • Custom name
    • Company logo
    • Company colours
  • Preconfigured settings.
    • No server setup. Works with user and password.
    • Custom ticket origin. Track how many tickets and followups are performed using Gapp.
    • On ticket creation:
      • Add category
      • Add location
      • Add assets
    • Show documents on all profiles

If you want it. Please, contact us

Satisfaction doesn't show on GLPI below 9.4

There is this funny known bug related to satisfaction management, called I can’t get no satisfaction (yep, like the Rolling Stones hit :)), that doesn’t allow Gapp to deliver satisfaction on LPI versions below 9.4.

You will need to either upgrade your GLPI or hire someone to do it for you. We might suggest a company 😉

Gapp returns an error!

First of all. Don’t panic! 🙂

Are you using the latest version? Please check.

Error keeps showing? We have few options here:

  1. Please send the Android report. Some manufacturers just send them without users interaction, while others ask for user permission. Error reporting is welcome, as it will help us make a better Gapp.
  2. Check our Gapp KB. We might have a solution for that particular error.
  3. If it is not in the KB please report it using:

Get Gapp Self-Service from Google Play

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