Gapp. A GLPI App

A new mobile client for GLPI

What is Gapp?

Gapp is a mobile GLPI app. Gapp is a project born from the need to provide an easy mobile access to GLPI, specially for end users, a.k.a. self-service.

What is GLPI?

About Gapp

Gapp features

  • Ticket creation
  • File upload
    • On:
      • Adding a Ticket
      • Adding a Followup
      • Adding a Ticket Task
      • Adding a Solution
    • From:
      • The camera
      • The gallery
  • Add Followups
  • Add and edits Tasks
  • Add solutions (using templates)
  • Ticket Approval (New)
  • Solution approval
  • Ticket Satisfaction

Gapp Requirements

  • An Android 6+ smartphone. (Currently, it is not optimised for other devices, but we have tested it on tablets and Android TV devices, and it works).
  • A GLPI 9.5.9+ or 10.0.3+ installation. Please read about why we took this decision here: CVE-2022-35914 and how the GLPI ecosystem might be affected.

Gapp Supported Languages

Gapp 2 has been redesigned from scratch. We even changed our localisation platform.Some of these languages are supported thanks to contributors.  We also remember our previous translators here.  You can help by adding new languages or fixing typos and other translation errors at the Localazy Gapp project.

Do you want Gapp in your language?

Click here!

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General questions

Is there a Gapp User Manual?

Yes, there is. You can find it here.

Are you related with GLPI or Teclib'?

We are Teclib’ partners since 2016 and humble contributors to the GLPI project.

All rights related to GLPI belong to Teclib’ as their editor.

Why do you call it Gapp Self-Service?

Every GLPI user wants a mobile app for GLPI. There were a few efforts in the past, but there are not working now.

Our initial idea was to give end-users (aka Self-service) an easy way to open a ticket everywhere. We truly think, we have developed a tool that delivers.

By adding the Self-Service flavor, we are exposing what you can expect from the app in its current state of development. 

I'm confused. Now you call the app simply Gapp, wasn't it previously known as Gapp Self-service? Is this another application?

There’s only one app. Gapp. We call it Gapp Self-service because we didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Announcing a GLPI app could lead you to think, you could actually work with GLPI from your smartphone.

This way we were announcing: “Hey, here you have a new app. It works with GLPI, but don’t expect more features than your Self-service users could use.”

With the feedback we were getting from our clients, and beta testers, we changed our minds. The project evolved, and we evolved with the project. A plugin was released, many features added, and the name was misleading. So we removed the surname. So, Gapp it is (for the time being :).

Believe us, we changed so many times, we don’t know if we are reshaping, morphing or evolving. The fact is the implications involving those changes took the project to the edge. Fortunately, the rudder is back on our hands. Sorry for the mess 🙂

Is it going to be always free?

Gapp Self-Service will always be free.

Would you translate Gapp into... (your language here)?

Why don’t you? (Yep, we Galicians usually answer with another question)

  • You know GLPI
  • You can read this in English
  • You know your language better than us

Go for it!


Why is the app asking for camera and storage permissions?

The applications needs 1 permission to work, and a couple of them more to enhance user experience:

  • Internet access. This is quite obvious. Without it, it would not be possible accessing GLPI.
  • Camera. If you want to take a photo and upload it to a ticket, you must enable it. 
  • Storage. If you want to upload images or documents from your phone ot a a ticket, you have to enable it.
Are you going to add new features?

Gapp is under heavy development. Please check our Gapp related posts for up to date information about the project.

If you need a particular feature, and you would like to sponsor it, please drop us a line. However, our Gapp White Label program already has a lot more features. More on this soon.

This is great, but my users don't know/want to configure Gapp

We get it. In fact, we have developed our own Gapp configured out of the box with our own logos and a few interesting settings:

  • Set request origin on ticket and followups
  • Set Ticket Categories
  • Set Locations
  • And more to come

You might think we are delivering a crippled free version. The explanation is quite different. Self-service users doesn’t have access to this kind of information via API. We are using another method to access it and show it in Gapp. This method involves some configuration on your GLPI and a customization in the app that makes it usable only for a particular GLPI install.

If you’re interested, please drop us a line.

Documentation is not up to date

We are well aware. Resources are limited. We decided to focus on releasing the app rather than documenting it.

Documentation is only needed for the initial configuration. Once the app is correctly set up and you can access your server, it is pretty straightforward. Please check the changes in releases to get an overall idea of how it works.

Using GLPI, you should be familiar with the options and actions. However, If you want to start with GLPI, we can help you.

Are you developing an IOS Gapp version?

We already have! IOS development is more expensive than Android and it is only available under a Gapp White Label program.

If you or your company are interested, please drop us a line.

When logged out, the user and password are not remembered even when checked!

Gapp tries to replicate GLPI behaviour when possible.

GLPI uses the Remember checkbox to allow easier logging to the platform. Gapp does the same.

If you logout because you are testing the app, you don’t want to reuse the credentials. That’s why they are removed.

What happened to GLPI X.Y.Z version support?

Please read this article to get an idea about what has happened to GLPI in terms of security and why the Gapp roadmap has been radically updated.

It is hard enough to support all the different tweaks and misconfigurations you might (and actually do) perform on your GLPI system. We generally stick to Teclib’s supported versions whenever we can.

You can ask us to professionally support your old version, but it will be more productive in almost every scenario to update your GLPI and stick to Gapp‘s last version.

It is free to upgrade. Just do it or hire someone to do it for you.

I want a Gapp version for my organization. Do you have a White Label option?

Yes, we have.

You can have a Branded Mobile Solution for your ticketing needs. Just think about your:

  • Brand: An app at the Play Store with your corporate identity is a boost to your brand awareness.
  • Users, colleagues, clients, whoever you are supporting: Reporting an issue, adding a followup, taking a picture, from the convenience of their devices
  • Techs: As road warriors, they’ll improve their performance by removing paper reports.

If you are interested, please, contact us.

Known issues

I want to view images on my tickets but I can't!

This is a known API limitation. Self-service users cannot access the document list, nor other dropdowns like categories, locations, request origins, assets.

On a common application, It is not possible right now to let the user interact with these items.

We have developed a new plugin to overcome the ticket document access annoyance: Gapp Essentials

However, it is possible to create a custom application for your organisation, where all this information is available:

  • Custom corporate identity
    • Custom name
    • Company logo
    • Company colours
  • Preconfigured settings.
    • No server setup. Works with user and password.
    • Custom ticket origin. Track how many tickets and followups are performed using Gapp.
    • On ticket creation:
      • Add category
      • Add location
      • Add assets

If you want it. Please, contact us

Satisfaction doesn't show on GLPI below 9.4

There is this funny known bug related to satisfaction management, called I can’t get no satisfaction (yep, like the Rolling Stones hit :)), that doesn’t allow Gapp to deliver satisfaction on LPI versions below 9.4.

You will need to either upgrade your GLPI or hire someone to do it for you. We might suggest a company 😉

Self-service users cannot add a category on ticket creation

This is a know limitation. GLPI API doesn’t allow access to dropdowns. We have overcome that limitation and will be available in future releases.










Gapp returns an error!

First of all. Don’t panic! 🙂

Are you using the latest version? Please check.

Error keeps showing? We have few options here:

  1. Please send the Android report. Some manufacturers just send them without users interaction, while others ask for user permission. Error reporting is welcome, as it will help us make a better Gapp.
  2. Check our Gapp Known Issues. We might have a solution for that particular error.
  3. If it is not in the KB please report it using:

Bear in mind we cannot support every setup. This is one example we’ll keep for future reference.

If you really need the app, or need anything related with GLPI, we can support you professionally.

Other issues

Chek existing Gapp Known Issues

Remember,if you really need the app, or need anything related with GLPI, we can support you professionally.

Get Gapp Self-Service from Google Play

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