Not long ago, our fellow intern Juan Javier wrote an extensive blog post for GLPI 10. This time we have the content of the video and the presentation I made last week in Compostela.

Once again we talk about GLPI at the Cidade da Cultura by Agasol and Gaiás Tech. Not even a year has passed, but the release of GLPI 10 has changed everything, and well, after confinements, pandemics and others, we feel like leaving the office.


Do you need a Help Desk? Give the new GLPI 10 a try

A summary of the discussed topics:

  • Brief presentation of GLPI
  • GLPI 10 News
  • Success case: Córdoba City Council, commented in the first person by Edmundo Sáez, CIO.
  • New TICgal projects for GLPI

In this last subject, I’ve talked about:

  • (WIP) PoC with AWS Connect to create a bot on GLPI that:
    • Solve basic questions
    • Returns ticket information
    • Allow opening tickets (WIP)
  • Ivanti Integration (WIP)
  • Zabbix integration
  • Vehicle – Waypoints – Actualtime and Gapp integration. Traceability of travel and passenger information and vehicle mileage.
  • Autofirma Integration (Spanish Official Document Signing Certificate tool)
  • Asset Life Cycle
  • 3CX Integration
  • Of course, Gapp 2 and the news we have, in addition to the compatibility with GLPI 10.

Let’s go then with the promised presentation:

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And finally, the event recording (sorry, it is in Spanish, but you can try with the subtitles).

Once again, I would like to publicly thank Agasol for promoting the event, GaiásTech and, in particular, Sergio for organizing these conferences, and Edmundo for taking the time to share his team’s GLPI experiences with everyone.