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TICGAL is a people's company. At the heart of our success is our knowledge—the unmatched know-how and expertise of the TICGAL Team. With a decade of collective experience and an unwavering commitment to quality, we've earned our reputation as a worldwide GLPI referent


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TICGAL offers a spectrum of IT services tailored to meet your needs on multiple scales. From local IT support that addresses your immediate technical requirements to countrywide software licenses that empower businesses across the country, we have you covered. Elevating our reach on a global scale, our specialised expertise in GLPI features plugins, integrations, and advanced mobility solutions.

GLPI plugins

GLPI Plugins

You can enhance GLPI built-in features with useful GLPI plugins and browser extension. Should you need another feature, or any other GLPI related need, do not hesitate to contact us

GLPI integratios

GLPI integrations

Integrate your virtual phone system effortlessly with GLPI using the 3CX Integration, enhancing communication and productivity like never before

GLPI Mobile Solutions

GLPI Mobility Solutions

Experience the power of TiCGAL Mobile App and revolutionize your GLPI incident management. Empower your team to resolve incidents efficiently and effectively, all from the convenience of their mobile devices

ticgal gold partner glpi network

Transforming Enterprise Solutions as a GLPI Gold Partner

We’re proud to be a Gold Partner with GLPI (The first in Spanish in the world). Explore our groundbreaking plugins, integrations, and mobility solutions tailored to elevate your GLPI experience

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TICGAL Local Roots, Global Reach IT

TICGAL Local Roots, Global Reach IT

Hello to our TICGAL family and friends! As we approach our 10th anniversary, we've been taking some time this summer...

Técnico Soporte N1 (Finalizado)

En TICGAL estamos a procurar compañeiros que nos axuden a seguir medrando, e ofrecendo un servizo único no mundo cos...
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Unlocking Gapp White Label: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

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I have just received a new VIDsigner document. What should I do?

What is VIDsigner? It`s a tool that helps us automate the management and signing of any contract or document, speeding up...
GLPI-ITAM-TOOL-OpenSource Asset Management

Why It’s Time to Move Beyond Spreadsheets and Embrace GLPI for IT Asset Management

Introduction As a seasoned IT professional, I've had numerous clients approach me, claiming they use spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc,...
ESM Enterprise Service Management and GLPI

Leveraging GLPI for Efficient ESM Across Business Functions

Introduction In today's fast-paced business world, Enterprise Service Management (ESM) has become a game-changer for organisations looking to simplify internal processes...
Gapp 2.4

Introducing Gapp 2.4: Elevate Your GLPI Mobile Experience

Introduction Hi! I'm Brais, and I'm here to introduce you to the exciting new features of Gapp 2.4. Gapp 2.4 has arrived,...

Celebrating TICGAL’s 9th Anniversary: A Journey of Passion, Commitment, and Growth

It's hard to believe, but TICGAL is turning 9! As we celebrate our 9th anniversary, we want to take a...

MFA for GLPI does exactly what you think 😉

Look what Santa brought us! A new plugin: MFA for GLPI. A month ago, Teclib' announced the GLPI Roadmap, which looked...
Borgbase for GLPI

Borgbase for GLPI: A backup integration

Why Borgbase for GLPI? One element not covered by GLPI is device backups. We believe this is a valuable addition to...

CVE-2022-35914 and how the GLPI ecosystem might be affected

No doubt we need to share some light on the CVE-2022-35914 htmLawedTest GLPI vulnerability. Last week I started gathering information...

Gapp 2: newer, better, faster

The long-awaited mobile solution for GLPI, Gapp, is back. To be more accurate Gapp 2. It is not only a...