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Bitdefender Endpoint Security


Bitdefender is a pioneering company, introducing and developing award-winning anti-malware protection since 2001. Today Bitdefender’s technology protects the digital experience of 500 million corporate and home users worldwide.


Teclib' - GLPI

Teclib  is an Open Source Software Editor offering fully integrated technology packages. Teclib’ open ITSM solutions help you to get the best out of your IT Management Strategy, to optimally address your business needs.

GLPI is their main project.

Tresorit Backup online na nube seguro


Tresorit is the company responsible for the development and maintenance of the service of the same name. A completely secure cloud backup and synchronisation solution.

Your most sensitive information is encrypted from the source and replicated on European servers that only you and whoever you want can access.

Signaturit Logo


Signaturit is an electronic signature service compliant with the world’s most advanced laws:

We integrate GLPI with Signaturit to turn your IT department into Paper Zero, with all the legal guarantees.

Tawk.to Partners

Click on the logo and get your free tawk.to account.

Need to add it to your GLPI? We have created a plugin for it: JS Addons

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TICgal is a Teclib' partner

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Eduardo Pondal 31 át. – 36003 Pontevedra – Galicia (Spain)

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MFA for GLPI does exactly what you think 😉

Look what Santa brought us! A new plugin: MFA for GLPI. A month ago, Teclib' announced the GLPI Roadmap, which looked more than promising. However, an Anonymous Sponsor through a professional tool like GLPI needed a second authentication. Since this is one of our...

Borgbase for GLPI: A backup integration

Why Borgbase for GLPI? One element not covered by GLPI is device backups. We believe this is a valuable addition to their management, especially for equipment working with sensitive information that needs to be backed up periodically. Which is almost every computing...

CVE-2022-35914 and how the GLPI ecosystem might be affected

No doubt we need to share some light on the CVE-2022-35914 htmLawedTest GLPI vulnerability. Last week I started gathering information to write this post. Only now, after the storm had passed (at least the initial wave), I had the time to finish. What first came to my...

Gapp 2: newer, better, faster

The long-awaited mobile solution for GLPI, Gapp, is back. To be more accurate Gapp 2. It is not only a new version but a metamorphosis; even the branding has changed! We couldn't wait any longer, and there was very little info. Please accept our apologies. The new...

ActualTime 2 for GLPI 10

It took a while, but finally, you have ActualTime 2 for GLPI 10. No doubt this is TICgal's most successful plugin. For us being among the 30 most used plugins on the GLPI ecosystem is quite an achievement. Next to old acquaintances and handy plugins. GLPI community is...