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Why Actualtime doesn’t show timer buttons on tasks?

From time to time, we get questions about how our plugins work. We want them to be used by the community, and to advertise our GLPI services, without consuming too much time. Most of doubts could be solved by writing thorough documentation, but who wants to do that?...

New Gapp 1.2 with GLPI 9.5 support

A few weeks ago, GLPI 9.5 was released. In the middle of the Summer! (Seriously, Teclib'? :)). By the way, GLPI 9.5 is excellent and has evolved with a lot of new and exciting features. Gapp development is a bit slower adding features, but we still move forward, even...

What’s new on Gapp 1.1

Here we are in the middle of a Pandemic releasing a new version of Gapp. We fell Gapp was great, but a few things could be enhanced to ease the tech's job. So, without further ado, here we go: New features New login No more remember my user. Add user, pass and log in....

It seems your device has gone out of memory on Gapp

Issue: You get an "It seems your device has gone out of memory. More info." error message when trying to upload a photo to GLPI from Gapp. Explanation: This is pretty much self-explanatory. On low-end devices, photos can be huge. When manipulating them if the device...

White pop up when login into Gapp doesn’t allow login

Issue: Logging into your GLPI installation from Gapp (A GLPI app) is not possible due to a blank screen. Versions after 1.1.1 will show this message: It seems your GLPI environment may be failing due to a plugin Explanation: Multiple factors may cause this issue but...

We are Tawk.to partners!


Did you notice the floating icon on the left? Yep, that’s a chat widget, and it’s a great way for your customers to contact you business. Do you want one? How about been totally free?

Click on the badge on the left and register for a 100% free tawk.to chat for your website.

Do you want to add it to your GLPI Service Desk? Definitely your lucky day! We’ve built a plugin to allow it: JS Addons.


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