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New Costs 2 GLPI plugin

It took a while to release the new version of Costs, and it has a slightly peculiar version, due to 2 improvements we have finally managed to merge into the same public release,  after several internal versions. This post is meant to be both a new feature log and a...

Gapp 1.3 is live!

It's been six months since the last release of Gapp. Covid-19 still rules our minor blue planet, and like in the movie, a new hope rises from the multiple vaccines that gradually are making their way to us. Meanwhile, in the NW of the Iberian Peninsula, a small group...

Actualtime 1.5.0. Running timers

Here we are again with a new and exciting Actualtime 1.5.0 feature, but first, do you know what Actualtime is? https://tic.gal/en/project/actualtime-plugin-glpi/ Running timers You already know Actualtime :). It adds a timer to each of your tasks, to track the actual...

Access to timezone database (mysql) is not allowed

Issues X columns are not compatible with timezones usage On the main GLPI page there is at least a warning: (Number) columns are not compatible with timezones usage. Access to timezone database (mysql) is not allowed In the user profile of a new or upgraded...

What’s new on GLPI 9.5?

Sorry, we didn't have the time to translate this post. However you can access an automatic translation here.

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Did you notice the floating icon on the left? Yep, that’s a chat widget, and it’s a great way for your customers to contact you business. Do you want one? How about been totally free?

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Do you want to add it to your GLPI Service Desk? Definitely your lucky day! We’ve built a plugin to allow it: JS Addons.