TICGAL’s GLPI Plugins Terms & Conditions

Software Warranty

The maintenance of the plugins includes assistance on the plugin exclusively and its version, NOT on the GLPI ITSM or different versions of the plugin (major versions). That is, support will not cover any issue not related to the plugin itself.

The maintenance of the plugin in its version corresponds to the resolution of errors or bugs detected and will notify all purchasing customers of the corresponding version. The maintenance of a version will include improvements and new features. After receiving the notification via email, customers can download the corrected or improved plugin through ATenda from their subscription area while they are within the valid subscription period.

Software Renewal

All our plugins follow the same renewal policy. The plugins are not subject to licenses, so once the first year is over, the only thing that would cease to function is the support service, bug fixes, and updates we provide.
Before finalizing the annual subscription, you will be notified so that you can take advantage of the signup fee savings and only have to pay for the renewal, which represents a 40% discount. To do this, you will receive an email with a discount voucher to apply exclusively in ATenda.
If you are not interested in continuing with the support for any reason, you can always request it later when you need it. In that case, the signup fee will be reapplied.

Before the end of the subscription, you will be notified to get a special discount to extend the new versions and support service for an additional year.
The discount in these cases will be 40% on the total amount of the plugin at the time, where the customer will receive an email with a discount voucher to apply only in ATenda.

Supported Versions

Unless otherwise stated, TICGAL will typically align the maintenance and support with Teclib’s GLPI official support.


Unless otherwise stated, all plugins developed by TICGAL are under the GNU/AGPLv3 license.


All trademarks, logos and brand names are the property of their respective owners.


We accept suggestions for new features and improvements using the usual support forms.

Sponsor a Feature

You can ask to enhance any of our plugins. Please use the form at the support site, https://xes.ticgal.com, and we will contact you.

Support Tool

https://xes.ticgal.com or use the TICGAL Support app for iOS and Android. Attendance is expected in 72 hours, but typically, you will get an answer within a working day.

Non-Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the software products, which do not require the delivery of a physical key, and the working code is available immediately after purchase, all sales of GLPI plugins developed by TICGAL are final and non-refundable.

Third-Party Licenses

This page showcases all the relevant licenses for third-party tools, which we rely on to provide an excellent TICGAL PLUGINS experience.