GLPI Reminders

GLPI Reminders: First GLPI browser extension for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

GLPI Reminders allows the management of your private reminders on GLPI as a synced task manager. You can work with them from your favorite browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other compatible alternative.

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GLPI Reminders: description

Manage your GLPI reminders from your browser

There are plenty of task managers on the market, but since your using GLPI

Why don’t you use another GLPI feature?

We could have named it: YATMA (Yet Another Task Manager Add-on)

With GLPI Reminders you can:

  1. View your pending (To do) private reminders. You are one click away of editing them.
  2. Check them as Done
  3. Add new reminders, and even save current URL and title on them.

GLPI reminders: Screenshots

How to use GLPI Reminders

Manage reminders on your GLPI

1) Configuration


  1. You need a working GLPI 9.1 or above (API REST support)
  2. Super-admin must configure and allow API access. Learn how to do it -> here.


  1. Install from Chrome web Store or Firefox Add-ons like any other browser add-on.
  2. Once installed, right click on the new icon and choose Configuration.
  3. Two values are needed:
    1. User API token: Get it on your user profile, under My settings -> Personalization -> Remote access keys -> API token. Regenerate it if you have never used it.
    2. URL: Usually

      Enter your own server

2) Instructions

  1. Click on GLPI Reminders, and it will show your pending reminders, and their planning date (if available)
  2. To create a new one, fill in title and content (optional), and save reminder.
  3. To save both title and URL from active webpage, click on Add website and save reminder.


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GLPI Reminders: first GLPI browser extension

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