Gapp Essentials

Gapp Essentials. A Gapp GLPI companion

Enhance Gapp features with this GLPI plugin

Gapp Essentials: description

A little background on Gapp Essentials

Here, at TICgal, we love GLPI,and this has led us to develop Gapp, a GLPI mobile app. While we started deep diving into GLPI API, we faced some complex challenges. We used our contacts as Teclib‘ partners, and exciting discussions aroused leading to API fixes we will soon enjoy in the new releases to come. Unfortunately, other limitations were not addressed, and we didn’t want to wait, as we feel GLPI  needed at least a basic functional mobile application.

This is why we started Gapp Essentials.

What it does

It has a couple of basic functionalities:

  1. Allows self-service users to access documents attached to the tickets they have access to.
  2. Returns the GLPI plugins list. (This feature will become more attractive in the near future) ?


Install it as any other GLPI plugin. No additional configuration is needed.

Should I install it?

Well, just if you are planning to give your end users, access to GLPI from their Android smartphones. Otherwise is quite useless.



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Gapp Essentials. A Gapp GLPI companion


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