You get a:

You don’t have permission to perform this action.

You don't have permission to perform this action - Gapp message

Message when trying to save a task or a solution.


Gapp shows this message when your current user profile doesn’t have permission to read any needed dropdown.


There are two scenarios at this point:

Standard users:

Users with full ticket form access. Profiles like techs, dispatchers, and up

Depending on where you get the message, solutions may vary, but in general:

  1. Head to Administration > Profiles
  2. Select your standard user affected profile
  3. Now choose Setup
  4. Here you must give at least Read access for the affected dropdown. Right now you need to check:
    • Ticket categories
    • Task categories
    • Solution templates

GLPI dropdown tech setup for Gapp

These users will be able to open tickets picking a ticket category, task category or solution template (if available).

Simplified users:

For end-users, the path ahead is not that easy. GLPI API doesn’t return this information. However, we can tailor a custom app for your organisation overcoming this annoyance. Please contact us.

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