YAGP. Yet Another GLPI Plugin

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Yet Another GLPI Plugin

YAGP is a plugin to enable some tweaks that might make your life easier in GLPI.

Currently, you can find these features:

  • Change ticket solved date to last task end time: It will alter your ticket solved time to match exactly when your last ticket task ended. No more SLA problems, because a technician forgot to add a solution.
  • Auto-renew tacit contracts: When a contract is set as tacit, its Initial contract period will auto-increment with the renewal date.
  • Go to ticket: A quick shortcut to a ticket. Just add the ticket number on the search box on top, and head to the desired ticket.
  • Fixed menu: Sticky menu. No more sliding up and down the bar to get to the desired option.

New in 1.2.0:

  • Block Ticket Opening Date: Ticket Opening Date field will be hidden on creation, and not editable on ticket edit.


Download, install and test!

Download YAGPDiscover GLPI

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