FIA installer 4l

Install and configure fusioninventory agent with a one-liner!

FIA Installer 4l

A Fusioininventory Agent Installer for GNU/Linux
Download fia-installer-4l.shDiscover GLPI

How to use FIA Installer 4l

Setup is at the script begining, after the license (blame the laws not us).

Most of the parameters are explained in the script, and you should know them from Fusioninventory Agent configuration itself.

Let’s split them in two groups. Compulsory and optional.


  • fiaglpiserver : Fusioninventory for GLPI installation URL. Without this one, the script won’t run.
  • fiainstallmodules : Which modules you want to install. If you only need local inventory choose (0).
  • fiaver : Which Fusioninventory agent you want to install. Note that this might not be exactly the version number. Currently, it is 2.5 (it should be 2.5.0) but the agent is named like 2.5-2


  • resetagent : If set to 0 will remove previous agent data. Great for VM cloning.
  • client : Changes agent config file name.
  • fiatag : Adds a tag.
  • fiadebug : Sets debug level.
  • fianosslcheck : Don’t check SSL certificate validation. 
  • fialogger : Defaults to file. Where should logs be sent.  
  • fianocategory : Defaults to printer. Avoids some inventories.  
Would you add another setting to the script?

We’ll do our best. Head to github repository and open an issue. 

If you have some bash scripting knowledge you can submit a PR and help improving the script. 

Would you support (put your favorite distro here)?

Maybe. These are the desired steps:

  1. First you need to be sure if fusioninventory agent runs on it. Check official documentation.
  2. Head to github repository and open an issue. Add as much information as possible.
  3. If you have some bash knowledge, please create a PR.
I think your bash skills are not great!

You’re right. However, we fell this was easier than executing the same commands over and over. That’s exactly what scripts are for. Even the not so good!

We are looking forward to hearing from your improvement proposals at the script github.