Look what Santa brought us! A new plugin: MFA for GLPI.

A month ago, Teclib’ announced the GLPI Roadmap, which looked more than promising. However, an Anonymous Sponsor through a professional tool like GLPI needed a second authentication. Since this is one of our services (bringing additional features to our beloved GLPI), we just made it happen.

What it does

Does it need an explanation? 🙂

Pretty simple. It adds an extra security layer to GLPI login by asking for an OTP. Currently, it does only support OTP via email.

Once you log in employing your usual method, you will be redirected to this new screen:

MFA for GLPI new additional login

You will need to get to your email to retrieve your code. The notification can be customised as usual in GLPI.

MFA for GLPI code email notification

Finally, an automatic action will handle the code expiration.


You will only need to install and select which one of the existing authentication methods will have the extra security layer.

MFA for GLPI Setup

Will it support other auth methods?

Not very likely, since it is already in the GLPI roadmap. However, if you need it badly and want us to add your feature, there are two ways:

  1. Contribute with a PR
  2. Sponsor it. Please, contact us if you are interested.

How do I get it

Business as usual:

  • Download and install like every other plugin from our public GitHub repo.
  • Use the convenient Marketplace feature

And that’s it. Enjoy your holidays, and Be extra Safe with MFA for GLPI!

->  Actualtime 1.5.0. Running timers