The long-awaited mobile solution for GLPI, Gapp, is back. To be more accurate Gapp 2. It is not only a new version but a metamorphosis; even the branding has changed!

We couldn’t wait any longer, and there was very little info. Please accept our apologies. The new documentation is on the way.

I am positive if you are here is because you know what Gapp is, but it won’t hurt reminding it is a Mobile Solution for GLPI. And now, without further ado, let’s review the new Gapp 2 features:

New in Gapp 2

Under the hood, there is not a single line in common with Gapp 1.4.1, and this is one of the reasons why it took so long to release it. Flutter was the framework of choice, and Material You was our design guideline. They have delivered, and we still expect a lot from both. Let’s hope we don’t have to change them anytime soon. 😉

Gapp 2 Self-Service Login Screen

Friendly reminder that you can connect to our demo server to help you debug connectivity or configuration issues. If it works on the demo test, the problem is at your GLPI instance. Also remember we are Teclib’ partner and we can help you with any GLPI-related need.

Supported Versions


Did you know? You need a running GLPI instance to work with Gapp. 🙂

Gapp 2 supported versions are:


You need a smartphone or tablet (not optimized, but it will work) for:

  • Android 6+
  • Devices with the camera. (Believe it or not, there are some Android devices without camera).

New Branding

I should have started with this one, shouldn’t I? Another delay motive. Believe me, aligning every aspect of the release was not easy. In fact, there are some missing puzzle pieces. Anyway, this is not really a feature, but our branding is changing (more on this soon) we absolutely love it and want to share it with you anyhow.

Cool, ain’t it?

Gapp Logo

New Interface

You will see it in every screenshot, but it is worth mentioning it as every visual aspect of the tool has changed.

New Home Screen and Navigation Menu

As the project grows, we thought it would be nice to have a quick launch screen.

Gapp2 Home Screen

Here you have the Left Navigation Drawer.

Gapp2 Left- avigation DrawerRight now, there is a lot of free space unless you have a White Label version. A sneak peeks of TICGAL‘s app, which will be similar to any White Label version, the one you might have if you want.

  • User photo
  • Login method information
  • QR Reader
  • Daily and weekly planning
  • Credits view
  • TAM integration
->  TICgal joins three tecnological associations

New Dropdown Experience

Categories, locations, entities, profiles… GLPI is packed with a few dozen of dropdowns. The search experience for them is swifter now.

New ticket creation wizard 

Let’s get our hands dirty. We want Gapp to manage tickets. This is how a new ticket is created:

A key feature that has been revamped to ease user experience. Cool, ain’t it?

Add Category/Location 

More information at ticket creation. Both location and category are optional.

White Label edition allows making both category and location mandatory.

New Ticket View

A cleaner design. We like it better than the old one.

Ticket approval status is shown on this view too.

New Task and Follow-ups View

A lot of details for the most used areas of Gapp.

  • New format toolbar including styles
  • Right Floating bar with icon information
  • Enhanced document upload manager

Gapp 2 ticket task

Task auto-assignment

If no tech is assigned, click on the icon, and you are good to go.

Processing is now the default view

It is hard to reproduce the new GLPI 10 one screen fits all attractive solution by Teclib’. So we stick to what we know and enhance it.

New ticket summary view

All the relevant ticket information is there. Three groups of information are gathered to declutter the interface:

  • SLA
  • Actors
  • Linked tickets

Add Multiple Photos

Multiple documents upload were implemented on Gapp 1.4. Only one photo from the camera was available per upload batch. We have finally overcome this limitation.

Documents are Associated to ITIL Elements

Aligning with GLPI 10 behaviour, documents are now shown associated with the follow-ups or tasks where they were initially uploaded.

Tickets Approval

You can validate a ticket now—another long-awaited feature.

Approval status is shown on the ticket view. Go back and check it on the ticket in the middle of the screen. Request #58 was approved and also in the ticket summary.

Gapp White Label also allows Approval Request Creation.

Validations and approvals tend to be interchangeable concepts. Not to be confused with solution approvals implemented in previous Gapp versions.

Ticket Element Filtering

Very useful on long tickets with lots of follow-ups, tasks, documents…

You can filter these three plus approvals and solutions.

Gapp 2 Timeline Filtering

New Filtering

All the filtering options have been moved to the right drawer, where we gathered the filtering and searching functionalities.

This is a cornerstone feature so let’s split it into smaller chunks, starting fo the preset filters.

Quick Ticket Filters

Previously on the left, now they are all together. Access to your opened ticket (My Tickets) or All tickets in which you are the assigned technician (Assigned tickets) or all the tickets you could reach based on  your permissions (All tickets).

Finally, Tickets to close shows your solved tickets holding for its solution approval.

Content Filter

A sponsored feature will bring a quick search by text in the ticket title or description. Very handy when searching for a particular keyword.

Sort by Creation Date

Added to the existing sorting capabilities:

  • Last update
  • Priority
  • SLA due date

Now tickets can be sorted by Creation Date.

Old Acquaintances

The first two Gapp filters were added here to:

  • Filter by ticket status
  • Filter by ticket date (Last update)
->  White pop up when login into Gapp doesn't allow login

Saved Searches

GLPI filtering capabilities are outstanding. We all know that. Bringing all this power to your hand is what Saved Searches are for.

Native filters will be a nightmare to implement and to work with for the end user. Instead, how easy is it to make a complex filter on the GLPI web interface and click it on your smartphone? You tell me.

Gapp 2 Saved Searches

Go to Ticket

We use this feature daily; this is why you can find it on the home screen and the filter menu. Remember, you can have it on your GLPI by installing and activating YAGP.

More Languages

As we changed the development framework,  we realised this was making previous translations useless. So, we took the opportunity to move forward and try a new platform. Sometimes you are lucky, and Localazy covered our more pressing needs with reasonable pricing. As a result, all our projects are now there, in particular, Gapp translations.

Currently, there are 13 languages on the release. Please, if you find a typo, a mistranslated string or your language is not there, you may want to fix it in the project translation. It is straightforward to use.

Do you want Gapp in your language? Click here!
We have a kudos page and will never forget our previous translators; still, this nice localazy feature is more up-to-date 🙂

And there is always the new Localazy attribution tab.

Gapp 2 FAQ

You are talking about Gapp White Label, but what is this exactly?

As you might know, there are people like you behind TICGAL, and we eat food, raise children, pay taxes… I know, we are funny guys!

So this is how we fund the accessible version of Gapp:

  1. Sponsoring features. You might need a not-yet-implemented GLPI functionality in Gapp.
  2. Suppose you want a Custom Branded Mobility Solution packed with many additional features for your organisation. We have created the White label program exactly for this scenario.

This is how it looks in our internal app.

  I want a Gapp White Label or a new feature

Is there a Gapp version for iOS?

  • Short answer: Yes
  • Long answer: Gapp is multiplatform now. Yet, if you are familiar with iOS development, you’ll know it has its peculiarities. We have decided iOS versions will be available for Gapp White Label only. Contact us if your company needs it, and we’ll make it happen.

Contributing – Helping – Supporting Gapp

We never get tired of thanking the ever-growing Gapp community.

  1. Do you want to shape our Roadmap?
    • Sponsor a standard GLPI feature and be the first to enjoy it.
    • Let us know how you will enhance your users or tech experience with non-GLPI-related features. We are always glad to hear about improvements.
  2. Get a Gapp White Label App. Contact us!
  3. Bug reporting:
  4. Beta testing: Join the testers club at the Play store.
  5. Translate: Gapp is in 13 languages, ​​thanks to people like you. We’ll remember you at our small Hall of Fame 🙂

Download it now!

What are you waiting for? And that’s it. What do you think about Gapp 2? Drop us a line and tell us what you think.