We are back! We never left :P. Nevertheless, we are pleased to announce a new Gapp release. Mainly compatibility and bug fixes, while the TICgal team keeps burning sprints down as we get closer to Gapp 2 (more on that in a while).

If you are new to Gapp, before you keep reading, you should know we are trying to build the best ticketing mobile app for GLPI.

Back to the topic, Gapp 1.4 is a transition version on our way to the new Gapp 2. We are eagerly waiting for the upcoming GLPI 10, and most probably, Gapp 2 will align its release with it.

Android OS evolution

No one will be shocked if I say the Smartphone market evolves blazing fast. Let’s review the previous scenario:
When Gapp 1.3 was published seven months ago, Android 10 ran on more than half of Gapp devices, and version 11 supported less than 1 in 10 phones.

What is the current status?


In October 2021, the circumstances have evolved. Android 11 usage share has moved from irrelevant to being the most used (4 in 10). Finally, Android 12 was recently released, and of course, Gapp 1.4 supports it.

Enough chit-chat. Let’s dive into Gapp 1.4 details. First, we will review common changes to all Gapp Editions and then Gapp White Label ones.

Gapp 1.4


  • Android 12 Support
  • GLPI 9.5.6 Support (Yep, a bugfix release and still broke the Entities strings)
  • Added possibility to select several documents at once on document upload


  • Fix: App crashes when going back to the main menu from ticket view in some Huawei devices.
  • Fix: Ticket’s info in processing view was clickable
  • Fix: Quotes not being escaped correctly on creation Ticket title
  • Fix: App crashes in rare cases when using the “Go to ticket” button
->  What's new in GLPI 10

Gapp 1.4 White Label


Gapp Self-service, the one you find at the Play Store, is entirely functional, and we have the intention to keep it free forever. However, somebody has to pay the bills. That’s why we have created the White Label Editions of Gapp: your organisation logo, colours, app name, server, overall YOUR ORGANISATION APP.

  • Enable push notifications globally. Get any GLPI notification on your phone (Gapp eXtended Update)
  • Added reload button on planning view
  • Actualtime window redesign
  • Improved Actualtime notification view
  • Sending geolocation information when using actualtime hot-button from task creation
  • Same for TAM

Geolocation. Introducing Waypoint

Waypoint logo

Pandemic (is it over yet?) has sped up Remote Work. This is a fact. However, depending on your business core, your techs might need to work on-site. At least until a hard drive doesn’t replace by itself. (Should we develop an app for that?). No joke, there are plenty of situations implied driving to the client premises, and that’s where our TAM and Actualtime integrations come to play.

Well, you have an issue, and Waypoint is our solution for you. Let’s see a real-life example.

Here you have a GLPI map from our astonishing Ría de Pontevedra. Say hello if you ever drop by :).

Gapp GLPI Waypoints TAM Actualtime integrations with Geolocation. Tech tracking.

What makes this helpful map, is its unique ability to show last tech operations.

Waypoint is currently tracking:

  1. TAM Clock-in and Clock-off (As you can see in the above screenshot)
  2. Actualtime starts and stops with a link to the ticket task.

A manager can truly know where the last Gapp action was performed. Just imagine a map with a couple of dozens of techs shown on the map!

->  It seems your device has gone out of memory on Gapp

We are not currently showing tracks or tech driving progression. We soon will if you are interested, though.


  • Fix: Planning notification now redirects to the planned task
  • Fix: Deeplinks crashes app due to some issues regarding case sensitive

While we find the time to build a Gapp White Label landing page, here you have a quick review of what you get with a professionally supported version of Gapp.

  • Enhanced security – App token
  • Deeplinks
  • User profile images
  • Autenticador de
  • Push notifications
  • Notification log
  • Actualtime support
  • TAM support
  • Credit support
  • Ticket history
  • Planning view
  • Click to call
  • Click to call from the 3CX app
  • And more.

Gapp 2 Multiplatform

We are heavily working on Gapp 2. There is currently an internal working version, and yes, it supports iOS too :).

Unfortunately, iOS development is both time-consuming and expensive, and there will not be a free version.

Sneak peek of the login screen from an iOS.

Contributing – Helping – Supporting Gapp

We never get tired of thanking the ever-growing Gapp community.

As we grow, we evaluate a new translation service to enhance your experience and the number of supported languages.

  1. Do you want to shape our Roadmap?
    • Sponsor a standard GLPI feature and be the first to enjoy it.
    • Let us know how you will enhance your users or tech experience with non GLPI related features. We are always glad to hear about improvements.
  2. Get a Gapp White Label App. Contact us 🙂
  3. Bug reporting: https://github.com/ticgal/gapp
  4. Beta testing: Join the testers club at the Play store.
  5. Translate: Gapp is in 13 languages thanks to people like you. We’ll remember you at our small Hall of Fame 🙂

Translation status

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