It took a while, but finally, you have ActualTime 2 for GLPI 10. No doubt this is TICgal’s most successful plugin. For us being among the 30 most used plugins on the GLPI ecosystem is quite an achievement. Next to old acquaintances and handy plugins. GLPI community is fantastic! What can I say? Big thank you, guys. Actualtime for GLPI 10 telemetry I want to gather some of the latest Actualtime features. Some of them might be on the last releases of ActualTime, but they are definitely worth a review. I hope you find them helpful.

GLPI 10 support and new UI

This is what it looks like in GLPI 10. We’ve changed the icons and did a few other minor enhancements. The button strings have been dropped in favour of language-neutral icons. Actualtime 2 for GLPI 10 new UI

Actualtime added to the Planning View

Now you can compare scheduled tasks and Actualtime for those particular tasks side-by-side, or even just ActualTime recorded time. It is up to you! ActualTime 2 Planning

Checkbox status change will update Action time

We learn about it the hard way. You can even consider it a bug. Anyway, the task time is updated by checking it as done on the task checkbox when the Automatically update duration option is enabled.

Actualtime is now searchable

A personal favourite. An image is worth a thousand words here. Task time, ActualTime, deviations… ActualTime 2 for GLPI 10 is now Searchable

Dashboard widgets

Actualtime 2 for GLPI 10 brings six widgets for the native GLPI dashboard:

  1. Top 20 Actualtime tasks per day
  2. Low 20 Actualtime tasks per day
  3. Top 20 % Actualtime usage per day
  4. Low 20 % Actualtime usage per day
  5. Top 20 Actualtime usage (hours)
  6. Low 20 Actualtime usage (hours)
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Actualtime 2 for GLPI 10 Dashboard Widgets

Localazy integration

Have you heard about Localazy? Our chosen platform is dealing with the Babilon Tower collateral damages :). We even have an interview on their website about our localisation experiences, which you might find helpful. We wanted an easy way for you to translate ActualTime  (or any other development) into your language. Let us know what you think. Head here, translate it into your language, and we will add your strings to the next release.

Translate ActualTime into my Language

By the way, thank you for your contributions. You guys rock! Actualtime Translators Kudos

Dropped features

We have dropped a couple of features:

    1. The API was deprecated a few versions ago to gather all the Endpoints around Gapp eXtended, the Gapp White Label companion plugin.
    2. Automatically opening newly created tasks was disabled for the time being. We could not find a way to make it work, and the release was delayed enough. So, if you know how to fix it and want to contribute, you are more than welcome.

Known issues

Not everything is pretty in pink. Here there are a couple of real-world issues:

  • Display actual time in closed task box (‘Processing ticket’ list) will not work until GLPI 10.0.3 or patched 10.0.2 glpi-project/glpi#12265. When patched you will see it like this:
  • Actualtime filters are not great because GLPI doesn’t currently implement operators for numeric values.

New ActualTime 2 logo

Actualtime Logo

Did you notice it? The reasons behind this are… Let’s leave it a mystery for now. In a few days, you will learn more about it. Anyway, what do you think about it? And about the plugin features?

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